Outdoor Display

Outdoor events – many opportunieties to expose.
From the traditional flag, Roll-Up or Pop-Out to a pavilion and furniture with printed message.
Contact us and get the right guidance and a good offer.

Flag_a/s Holmud

Advertising Flag

Durability approx. 3 month depending on wind and weather.
Digital print in CMYK on 115 gr. Polyglans – printout and subject viewing mirrored on backside.

Produced as cross- or high-format
Samle sizes:
175×130 / 95×220 cm (6 m. flagpole)
250×150 / 120×300 cm (8 m. flagpole)
300×200 / 150×400 cm (9-12 m. flagpole)

Serigraphy Flag

Durability approx. 6 month depending on wind and weather.
Serigraphic print on 160 gr. Supreme with up to 5 pantone colors.

Produced as cross- or high-format
Samle sizes:
175×130 / 95×220 cm (6 m. flagpole)
250×150 / 120×300 cm (8 m. flagpole)
300×200 / 150×400 cm (9-12 m. flagpole)

Flag_a/s Holmud
A-frame_a/s Holmud

A Frame

Simple and easy double-sided exposure system.
Print on 500 gr. PVC.

Spikes for mounting in soil are included.
Incl. black carrying case

A-frame_a/s Holmud
Hfix_a/s Holmud

H Fix Banner

Smart, inexpensive and fast setup system.
Print on 350 gr net banner, to reduce wind resistance.
Mounted with screw feet in the ground and stretched out with bardons.
Incl. black carrying bag.

Print sizes:
250×100 cm (WxH) (system height 124 cm)
300×100 cm (WxH) (system height 124 cm)


Quick and smart advertising to be used both in and out-side.
Easy to set up in no time.
Print on 205 gr. Polyester B1.
Incl. black carrying bag.

138×70 cm (BxH)
194×85 cm (BxH)
258×100 cm (BxH)

Pop-Out_a/s Holmud
MediaScreenOutdoor_a/s Holmud

Expand MediaScreen 2 outdoor

Roll-Up Display for outdoor use in very high quality and with double-sided graphic.
Expand has developed a patented flexible pole to avoid wind impact.
Can also be secured with spikes in the 2 supporting feet.

Print on 450 gr. PVC.
Delivered in carrying bags.

85×180 / 85×200 cm (WxH)

MediaScreenOutdoor_a/s Holmud
Outdoor_RollUp_a/s Holmud

Roll-Up Outdoor

Double-sided outdoor Roll-Up.
Holdes up to 5 m/s or 10 m/s with spikes.

Print på 450 gr. PVC.
Delivered in carrying bag.

85×202,5 cm (WxH)


Smart parasol with digital print.
Foot is available as a supplement.

Dia.180 cm

Parasol_a/s Holmud
Pavillon_a/s Holmud


Pavillon with printed fabric and heavy aluminum frame.
Printed on 500 gr. polyester B1

Pavillon sides with print or door / window can be purchased.

Delivered with bag, spikes and bardoons.

300×300 / 300×450 / 300×600 cm

Pavillon_a/s Holmud
LongChair_a/s Holmud

Lounge Square & Bed

Incredibly comfortable lounge furniture with your own printed design..

Square: 75x75x70 cm (LxWxH)
Bed: 110x75x70 cm (LxWxH)

Kube & Cylinder

Pouf – as a cube or cylinder – with your own printed design.

Sizes cube:
29x29x29 / 35x35x30 / 43x43x43 / 40x47x49 cm (LxWxH)
Sizes cylinder:
30×27 / 36×32 / 37×49 / 58×37 cm (Dia.xH)

KubeCylinder_a/s Holmud
Chair_it_a/s Holmud

Chair it

If you need an Eye catcher for the perfect hangout – this is the solution.
The oversized lounge chair really creates attention with your message printed on water repellent textile.
It is easy to carry being packed in a 22x22x240 cm bag and a weight of 20 kg.

Beach Chair

Classic beach chair with your own printed design.
fine quality with load up to 160 kg.
Frame in wood and 4 adjustment heights.

BeachChair_a/s Holmud