Self-Build Stand

SIf you are going to invest in an exhibition system and handle transport, setup and dismantling yourself, a Self-Build Stand is the solution for you.

To give you the best advice in choosing a system, you must have decided in advance on the following:

• How large an exhibition area should the system be able to cover – both in terms of size, but also whether you have open stand sides or neighboring stands of 1, 2 or 3 sides.
• How flexible should the system be in relation to e.g. replacing graphics and changing stand sizes.
• Should lighting be included in the system or be rented at the event site.
• How should the system be stored and transported. Do you have storage capacity and will the system be transported in a car or be shipped.
• Who should set up and dismantle the system and how much do-it-yourself experience do they have.
• What is your budget for purchasing the system.


We work with many different stand systems – all in high quality and simple to handle. Below is a presentation of the 4 systems we primarily recommend as Build-Self solution.

BygSelv_Flextile_a/s Holmud


Frame system from Spennare.
Foldable frames with textile prints that can be built together into entire stand walls. The frames are available in sizes 80×80, 100×100 and 120×120 cm and can be combined.

BygSelv_OctaWall_a/s Holmud


Frame system from Octanorm.
System, which in combination with Octanorm Maxima, can form the construction for even large stand structures. The frames can be mounted with both element plates and textile prints.

BygSelv_ToGoGo_a/s Holmud


Pop-Up systems with textile prints that can be combined. Available with LED-blanket for backlit graphics. The systems have a low weight and are therefore easy to transport. Available as 3×3, 4×3 and 4×4 module.

BygSelv_GoGoZip_a/s Holmud


A concept of single modules assembled with click-tubes and covered with textile prints zipped at the bottom. The concept includes walls, desks, portals, and ceiling suspension. Assembled completely without the use of tools and have a low weight.

The right start – free of charge

We offer to prepare a stand layout and quotation free of charge. It gives you the opportunity to make the best choice knowing your investment in advance.