We can design a unique stand for your next exhibition. We can also develop a stand concept so that the elements can be used for many stand sizes and several times. It is only your needs and desires that set the limits.

We have designed exhibition stands for more than 50 years for all industries and with that experience we can put together the perfect solution for you.
We prepare a 3D presentation for you showing the finished solution – from flooring and construction to lighting, furniture and placement of signs, posters and banners.

The majority of the production of an exhibition stand takes place in-house in our own workshops – this ensures a high quality and a case management, so everything is ready on time.

We offer a warehouse hotel for your exhibition items, so that they are always stored optimally.

The right start

The more knowledge we have of you and your wishes – the better the final solution will be. It is therefore important that we define your needs and desires together.
We also need to know the economic budget we can work within, in order to prepare the best solution for you.