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Add a unique touch to the decor with your own graphic as digital prints.
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Akustikplader_a/s Holmud

Acoustic board with digital print

Get a better working environment with sound-insulated boards that absorb sound and improve reverberation time.

Produced in 100% recycled and recyclable material – 50% PET bottles and 50% textile fibers.

Delivered incl. concealed suspension.

The plates are 25 mm thick and are available in 3 standard sizes of 58×58, 128×58 eller 115×115 cm.
Can be delivered in special sizes up to 115×265 cm

Akustikplader_a/s Holmud

Spot price

Acoustic board 115×115 cm incl. consealed suspension

DKK. 1.695

Price excl. VAT, order processing and delivery.
Tapet_a/s Holmud

Wallpaper with digital print

Smooth wallpaper with printing.
Cut into panels, ready for setup.
Set up as normal wallpaper with wallpaper paste.
Can withstand wiping with a wrung-out cloth.
Max. print width 73 cm.

Tapet_a/s Holmud
Reklamemåtte_a/s Holmud

Velor Advertising Mat

Velour lux 5 mm is of super quality with good durability and a nice sharp motif.
100% polyester and PVC free.
Suitable for long-term campaigns of 4-20 weeks.
Comes with black nitrile rubber edge.

40 x 60 cm
50 x 70 cm
85 x 60 cm
85 x 115 cm
85 x 145 cm
120 x 175 cm

Reklamemåtte_a/s Holmud
Reklamemåtte_a/s Holmud

President Advertising Mat

President mats are washable nylon mats that can be used outdoors as well as indoors.
With black nitrile rubber edge which is 100% pvc free.
The mats are UV resistant and resistant to discoloration.
The mats can handle up to 6 kg of dirt or 3 liters of water.

85 x 60/85/120/150 cm
100 x 200 cm
115 x 200/240/300 cm
150 x 200/250/300 cm
196 x 200/300/400/600 cm

Reklamemåtte_a/s Holmud
Vinyl_a/s Holmud

Vinyl with digital print

Vinyl 2 mm is a simple and motif-friendly material with a washable surface.
Recommended use 4 – 8 weeks for campaigns, such as trade fair floors, runners and contour-cut mats.

Roll width 200 cm.
Min. order: 5 m2

Vinyl_a/s Holmud
Gulvfilt_a/s Holmud

Felt with digital print

Felt 3 mm with non-slip latex is a cheap one material, suitable for short-term campaigns / fairs.
Durable and motif-friendly.

Roll width 300 cm.
Min. order: 5 m2

Gulvfilt_a/s Holmud
Gulv-neoprint_a/s Holmud

Neoprint Floor with digital print

Neoprint floor promoter is a super flexible
product with great reproduction of the colors.
Can withstand being folded.
Recommended use 4-12 weeks.

Roll width 200 cm.
Min. order: 5 m2

Gulv-neoprint_a/s Holmud