Counters & Podiums – buy

We have a large selection of counters and podiums, and can therefore offer a product for your specific needs.
Below is a selection of the solutions we can offer.
Contact us and get the right guidance and a good offer.


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Diske_a/s Holmud

Stand Up & Event

Counters and podiums with aluminum frames. They can all be folded and packed in bags for transport.
Diske_a/s Holmud

Kubus & Modul

Our own production of high-quality counters. Size and design can be customized to specific wishes.
Diske_a/s Holmud

Octalumina & Lumaline

Counters and podiums with integratd light for graphic backlit.
Diske_a/s Holmud

Basic & Demo

Lightweight podiums and counters made of plastic/polystyrene. Delivered in bags for transport.

If you only need a podium or a counter for a short period of time, we can also offer counters & podiums on a rental basis