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Terms & Conditions

If no date of limitation is written, the quotation is no longer valued after 4 weeks from dating of quotation.

Prices: All prices are valued in DKK and exclusive VAT. The customer is obligated, until delivery, to accept changes of prices ref. to documented increasing costs ref. to changes of foreign exchange rate, customs duty, taxes, duty etc. regarding the order.

Cash on delivery or as written in quotation. In lack of payment 2% of interest will be added per month after due date of payment.

Where no other mentioned the delivery is ex stock. Cost of transportation and insurance will be chargeable to customer and by customers risk.

Rental occupant has the responsibility of the rental equipment during the period of rental. Lack of material by returning has to be paid by rental occupant. A signature of returning is not an approval of rental equipment received without damage or lack. The customer is obligated to insure the rental equipment during the period of rental.

Packaging by customers coast unless otherwise mentioned in quotation. Return of used packaging only by special arrangement.

Technical delivery and hall supplies:
Where no other mentioned in quotation, technical delivery and hall supplies are to be paid directly to the exhibition hall and are not included in our quotation.

At late delivery according to circumstance normally described as force majeure clauses or other external events, all responsibility of loss of cost is renounce by A/S Holmud. A possible compensation coast by other circumstances will be limited to the total amount of the invoice of the assignment. Seller can’t be liable for operating loss, loss of profit or other indirect loss as a result of the agreement, including indirect loss as a result of late delivery or lacks in elements.

Product liability:
In circumstances aside from mandatory law provision, the following is at state regarding sellers product liability: Seller can only be responsible for damage of person if it can be proved, that the damage is coasted by failure or neglect caused by seller or other person under his responsibility. Seller is not responsible for damage on real estate or movable property, which occur while the element is at possession of the customer. The seller is not responsible of damage of products made by the customer or parts within. The seller is only responsible of real estate or movable property within the same conditions as mention on damage of person. Seller is not responsible of any operating loss, lost earnings or any other indirect loss. In the extent that seller is imposed product liability on a third party, the buyer is obligated to indemnify the seller in the same amount as mention on limited of responsibility by seller mentioned in the previous 3 sections. These limitations of responsibility do not stand if his has been guilty of gross negligence. If a third party make demands on one of the other parts for liability for damages referring to this section, the other part has to be informed immediately.Both seller and buyer are mutually obligated to be filed suit against at the same court or arbitration tribunal, witch review a case of compensation claim, accuse on one of them for a damage caused by a selling element.

Seller reserves the right to, aside from mandatory law provision, the ownership until the total amount including extra coast has been paid to seller or to whom the right has been hand over.

Lacks and claim:
If the customer wants to lodge a complaint of lack, the customer has to make it in writing and hand it over to seller within 8 days from delivery date. Complain in writing has to be specify in details regarding the lack. Lacks or claims regarding exhibition stands have to be made in writing and handed over to seller before break down of the exhibition stand. Changes in the elements without accept from seller in writing will release the seller from any obligation.

Subrogation and obligations:
Seller obtains the right to transfer all rights and obligations according to the agreement to a third party.

Product information:
Drawings, models, specifications etc., witch has been handed over before or after an agreement remain the property of the seller and may not in any part be handed over without accept from seller in writing and furthermore it may not be used improperly.

Generally there will be hold a number of meetings during the preparation period before an exhibition. The last meeting has to take place no later the 3 weeks before the opening date. Manuscripts and files have to be handed over to seller no later then 14 working days before opening date. Changes, extra orders or cancellations after these time limits, even during the erection and exhibition period, will be carried out and invoice for the account of the customer.

If no other listed, handling of element from our storage will be invoiced for the account of the customer.